New Special Message for Dentists
— From a Dentist…


Dear Colleague,

Have you ever lost a patient due to a job loss or some other life change?

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

But it’s a fact. Most patients are lost for reasons beyond your control — changes in your patients’ financial status, a loss of dental insurance, etc.

The DentalWise® dental membership plan can help you keep those patients on your schedule.

Designed by a dentist, there are no worries and no paperwork — we do the hard work for you when it comes to administering the plan.

So you keep your patients and gain new ones, all while reducing your overhead. Win-win for everyone.

You Know Your Patients. And They Know You.

DentalWise aims to preserve the special relationships you have with your patients. Despite changes in their financial or insurance status, your patients can continue to be treated by you, their trusted dentist.

Plus, DentalWise opens your practice to a whole new segment of under-served patients who want and deserve great dental care.

The average patient stays with their dentist for approximately 5 years. And DentalWise can help you keep the patients you would otherwise lose to changes in employment or insurance coverage.

And with all the uncertainty surrounding Obamacare and health insurance regulations, the DentalWise dental plan gives you one less thing to worry about.

Designed By A Dentist — We’re Low Maintenance!

Because DentalWise was created BY a dentist FOR dentists, it has none of the hassles you may experience with traditional insurance or credit plans.

  • DentalWise is not insurance, so you are not required to do any coding or file any claims!
  • DentalWise members are expected to pay at the time of service, so you don’t have to devote precious resources to billing or account management.
  • DentalWise is not a credit plan, either, so you won’t have to coordinate payment from a third party.
  • Unlike other dental discount plans that may require administration by you or your office, DentalWise takes care of all the accounting, legal research, and training for your team.

Bottom line: In addition to helping you retain patients and reduce your overhead, DentalWise helps you grow your practice by marketing you and the plan in your area.

To learn more and grow your practice faster, call us today at 1-855-DENTWISE (336-8947)

Timothy Quirt DDS, Founder/CEO DentalWise®

Timothy Quirt DDS, Founder/CEO DentalWise®

Timothy Quirt DDS, Founder/CEO

Dr. Timothy Quirt graduated cum laude from Marquette University and was inducted into the prestigious national dental fraternity, Omicron Kappa Upsilon, an honor awarded to only a few.

A serial entrepreneur, he has owned or managed up to 12 dental practices, while his own practice placed him in the top 1% of producing dentists in the country. He is a part owner of Signature Dental lab of Salt Lake City. Noting a lack of qualified dental assistants for his own practice, Tim founded the National Dental Academy, which opens and manages assisting schools throughout the country.

Tim is dedicated to making dental care affordable for all. He sits on the board of Comprehensive Dental Finance, a company that finds unique ways for patients to receive needed dental care. He has also served with the WDA’s Mission of Mercy.

As a lecturer and dental practice consultant, Tim has redefined success for himself and others to include a balanced approach to life and work. Dr. Quirt is focused on finding new ways to empower patients and dentists, and his business ventures reflect this commitment.